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Are you interested and looking for EU funding for Adult Education? Do you think, your experience so far might not be sufficient to do so? Then this Infopath will give you answers.

Path2EU4AE empowers access to EU Programmes for adult education institutions with low or little prior experience by providing this information path as a tool for professionalization. It is hosted by

How does it work? Take at least 20-30 minutes to review the self-assessment (questionnaire). You will receive feedback on the eligibility of your organisation and receive tips from experts in EU funding. Work with that after you have saved the results for your further use.

Be aware: Do not reload the page while filling out the form, your data will not be cached. Look also at our FAQs.

To start the questionnaire, confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy of Path2EU4AE

We will ask you to think about the characteristics of your organization, about how you perceive the capacity of your organization, and invite you to think about it and write a short description that makes you aware of it.



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