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Website for adult teaching and learning

The website serves as an online-platform for everybody who deals with adult education or further education as a learner, teacher or someone working in organisation and administration. It offers orientation on adult education and contributes to the networking and informing of experts. The website is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and is supported by the Federal Department of Adult Education. The online editorial staff is incumbent upon CONEDU, Association for Research and Media in Education and Education Training as part of a funded project.

Since February 2007 the Austrian Open Access Journal on Adult Education appears on It's called "Magazin Das Fachmedium für Forschung, Praxis und Diskurs", "Austrian Open-Access Journal on Adult Education" in English. Every issue dedicates to a specific topic in the field of adult education.


Target groups offers information and assistance to the following people:

Citizens that are interested in education can find information on possible offers for further education, can explore their own interests and competences and can answer questions on how to finance their further education on the website.

Disseminators and managers of adult education institutions are able to obtain an overview of Austria´s field of adult education. Furthermore, they can find inter-institutional information and relevant data and facts on adult education.

Pedagogic staff members, employed and freelance teachers are provided transparency through the website, concerning the options of promoting further education offers and projects. They can find technical literature online as well as information on press media, announcements of events, offers of further education, possibilities of exchange and network with colleagues and the search for job offers.

Journalists and people looking for brandnew information and content for news and reports on adulteducation can use the website as content provider and keep updated by using the dedicated RSS-feeds.

Additionally, on the website scientists have access to information about their profession, they can use the "Mediensuche" for the search for literature and find a schedule of events. Furthermore they have the opportunity to publish in the online magazine.
The website is divided into the following five categories:

News and events

The category News and Events (AKTUELLES) offers news about adult education in Austria. These news report on current incidents and events in the institutions of adult education and beyond. Furthermore it offeres an overview of events on adult education in and beyond Austria.

Virtual Education-Guide

The category VIRTUAL EDUCATION-GUIDE (BILDUNGSINFO) assists in clarifying one´s own aims, interests and potentials. You can obtain information on possibilities of continuing your own education such as, for instance, through searching for learning opportunities and providers in and beyond Austria and clarifying questions of finance. Furthermore, this category offers answers to questions concerning your own learning behaviour, assistance on advancement of your own learning aptitude and information on competence acceptance procedures.


The Austrian Open Access Journal on Adult Education, "Magazin" in German is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and appears three times a year. Every issue discusses a specific topic in the field of adult education. Different articles are giving overview of the scientific discussion, others present different points of view and there are as well examples of good-practice introduced by the Journal. Each paper is reviewed by a six-person editorial team consisting of experts from research, practice and journalism.


The category TOPICS (THEMEN) offers information on different topics in the field of adult education. It offers basic and need-to-know information on adult education in Austria and it informs users of the profession of adult educators. It also contains dossiers on current topics in the field of adult education which have been composed by authors from science and practice.


The category SERVICE contains all services which offers its users. These services are e.g. possibilities concerning the search for literature and other media in the field of adult education and further education, databases with links to different topics, information about sponsorship and support of further education. Furthermore, publications of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research links to job exchanges, information on adult-education-awards are offered in this category as well as the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter of