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The portal erwachsenenbildung.at informs about education information systems, basic issues and current topics of Adult Education in Austria and the EU and offers a lot of services. Further, news articles and events are published on the portal on a regular basis. An online-journal enables knowledge transfer from science and good practice to adult educators. A newsletter keeps readers informed at least twice a month.

Contents and target groups

erwachsenenbildung.at is a website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). The online editorial work is done by CONEDU, association for Research and Media in Education and Training. The Federal Institute for Adult Education (bifeb) acts as a co-publisher of the Open Access Journal on Adult Education, "Magazin erwachsenenbildung.at".


The medium seeks to address Adult Education professionals and those generally interested in education. The contents are classified into the categoreis "News and Events, "Virtual Education Guide", "Journal", "Topics" and "Service". The portal erwachsenenbildung.at is a leading medium of the Austrian Adult Education sector and has gained wide recognition amongst international Adult Education media. International cooperations demonstrate the strong network.


The website consists of text-based sites and documents for download (PDF, e-books), of internal and integrated databases as well as video recordings. Information distribution services such as a newsletter, RSS feed and social media sites are also offered.


In addition to the ongoing editorial provision of content within the five categories, erwachsenenbildung.at contains individual projects by the BMBWF or third parties, such as the website on the State Prize for Adult Education, on BMBWF conferences or on technology-enhanced learning projects such as the EBmooc.


The website is divided into the following five categories:

News and Events

The category "News and Events" (AKTUELLES) offers an event calendar and a wide range of article types, from newslets and announcements to reports, book reviews, interviews, features, essays, video postings and image galleries as well as press releases. Regular article series focus on special topics of Adult Education and take a look at them from different angles. Writers include members of the online editorial team, the department of Adult Education at the BMBWF and a strong network of correspondents from Austrian Adult Education organizations, associations and networks.

  • News and Events

Virtual Education Guide

The Virtual Education Guide (BILDUNGSINFO) enables readers to quickly and easily access relevant services to obtain information on possibilities of continuing education or on selecting appropriate funding options. Links to various databases can be used to search for courses, seminars and trainings on a regional or national level. The Virtual Education Guide also provides suggestions regarding assessments such as the vocational diploma (Berufsreifeprüfung) or university entrance exam (Studienberechtigungsprüfung) or the validation of informally acquired competences.

  • Virtual Education Guide


The Austrian Open Access Journal on Adult Education, "Magazin erwachsenenbildung.at" is published three times a year. Evere issue is dedicated to a special topic in the field of Adult Education. Various articles give an overview of the scientific discussion, present different points of view or portray good-practice examples. Each paper is reviewed by an editorial team consisting of experts from research, practice and journalism. The PDF version of the journal is available free of charge, while the e-book and print versions can be ordered via bookstores at cost price.

  • Journal
  • Information for authors (pdf)


Within the category "Topics" (THEMEN), designated experts discuss current topics of Adult Education based on comprehensive dossiers. Well-founded and reliable, the publications are ideally suited for reading up on and gaining an overview of Adult Education, and include numerous links for further research. The dossiers are addressed to an audience working in Adult Education or related fields, especially to students and young professionals. In addition to their publication on the website, new dossiers are also available as e-books and e-papers free of charge.

  • Topics


The section DigiProf - Digital Professionalization in Adult Education - bundles up-to-date information and services on digital teaching and learning and offers support for the entire field of adult education. Visitors will find current news as well as a media library with resources and background information. In addition, there are information modules on digital tools, online courses and webinars as well as a further education calendar for the digital professional development of adult educators.

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