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Öffentlichkeit und Markt: Wozu ein öffentliches Bildungswesen?

Nr.32 | Oktober 2017 | ISSN 1993-6818


Ausgabe 32 des Meb stellt sich in fünfzehn Beiträgen den Privatisierungstendenzen in der Erwachsenenbildung und einer vertieften Auseinandersetzung zwischen Öffentlichkeit, Markt und Bildung.

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Lorenz Lassnigg

Elizabeth Anderson: Private Government. How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don‘t Talk about It).

„One in four American workers says their workplace is a ‘dictatorship’. Yet that number probably would be even higher if we recognized most employers for what they are – private governments with sweeping authoritarian power over our lives, on duty and off. We normally think of government as something only the state does, yet many of us are governed far more – and far more obtrusively – by the private government of the workplace. In this provocative and compelling book, Elizabeth Anderson argues that the failure to see this stems from long-standing confusions. These confusions explain why, despite all evidence to the contrary, we still talk as if free markets make workers free – and why so many employers advocate less government even while they act as dictators in their businesses.“ (Verlagsinformation)
  1. Lorenz Lassnigg
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