Autor*innen: Wilfried Frei (geb. Hackl), Bianca Friesenbichler

Regina Barth im Interview. Bildungszugang für alle in einer vielfältigen Anbieterlandschaft

Hackl, Wilfried/Friesenbichler, Bianca (2015): Regina Barth im Interview: Bildungszugang für alle in einer vielfältigen Anbieterlandschaft. In: Magazin Das Fachmedium für Forschung, Praxis und Diskurs. Ausgabe 25, 2015. Wien. Online im Internet: Druck-Version: Books on Demand GmbH: Norderstedt.
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Wo steht die Erwachsenenbildung und was kommt auf sie zu? Regina Barth beschreibt im Interview, wie das BMBF die künftige Erwachsenenbildung in einer verwobenen Landschaft aktiv gestalten will.

English Abstract

Adult education is fraught with great expectations for coming to grips with the challenges of our time such as migration or changes in the labour market. But what really constitutes adult education in Austria? What can it, should it and would it like to offer for which target audiences in the future? The online editorial staff of the Austrian Open Access Journal on Adult Education (Magazin asked Regina Barth, head of the adult education administrative unit at the Federal Ministry of Education and Women‘s Affairs since 2012, about how her unit sees itself, past and foreseeable developments and changes in adult education in Austria, the educational policy of the EU and more. The shared vision of the adult education administrative unit is: Where you come from - your class and your place of origin - should not play a role in society. Education should be accessible to everyone, and this diverse society should be reflected in the institutions that provide adult education. (Ed.)
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