Autor*innen: Arthur Schneeberger


Schneeberger, Arthur (2012): Editorial. In: Magazin Das Fachmedium für Forschung, Praxis und Diskurs. Ausgabe 17, 2012. Wien. Online im Internet: Druck-Version: Books on Demand GmbH: Norderstedt.
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Die Ausgabe 17 des Meb (Magazin spannt einen breiten Bogen über die Betriebliche Weiterbildung, der häufigsten Form der Erwachsenenbildung im Erwerbsalter. Der Bogen reicht vom Zugang zu betrieblicher Weiterbildung über die Ressourcenaufbringung bis hin zu aktuellen Beispielen betrieblicher Bildungsarbeit.

English Abstract

The concept of continuing vocational education and training (CVET) comprises all continuing education activities that employees participate in during their paid working hours and/or that companies pay for their employees. CVET is the most common form of adult education for prime-age employees. However, comprehensive empirical data on CVET are currently not available. Therefore, it is of great importance for the development of continuing education that education providers and funding institutions are provided with insightful analyses on this very diverse phenomenon. For example, information on access opportunities, numbers of participants and the mobilisation of resources can provide valuable reference points. Likewise, socio-economic functional analyses of CVET, examples of the development of learning offerings with regard to content and methodology by continuing education institutions within or outside of companies as well as the qualification of CVET staff are of great significance. Issue no. 17, the current issue of Magazin journal (Meb), deals with all of these aspects.
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