Autor*innen: Christian Kloyber, Stefan Vater


Kloyber, Christian/Vater, Stefan (2010): Editorial. In: Magazin Das Fachmedium für Forschung, Praxis und Diskurs. Ausgabe 11, 2010. Wien. Online im Internet: Druck-Version: Books on Demand GmbH: Norderstedt.
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Seit den 1990er Jahren mehren sich kritische Stimmen über den Zustand der Demokratien, welche Colin Crouch (2008) als "Postdemokratien" beschreibt. Welche Bedeutung Politischer Bildung und Citizenship Education im Lichte der Entdemokratisierung zukommen ist Gegenstand der vorliegenden Ausgabe des Magazin

English Abstract

That the meaning of "politics" and "the political" is deteriorating more and more quickly doesn‘t seem to surprise anyone. Scandals and corruption are only one reality undermining the concept of the political from within. Against this backdrop, the term post-democracy has been introduced into the current discussion. Civic education and the European variant citizenship education are exposed to this process but must provide answers and open up spaces for action. In times of post-democracy, what significance and what status do civic education and citizenship education have in adult education? What role do they occupy, what questions and goals do they or should they pursue? Where and how is political experience gained and who are the actors, the real ones as well as the hidden and excluded ones? This issue of The Austrian Open Access Journal for Adult Education (Magazin in German) deals with these and many other questions.
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